About Us

I've worked closely with the team at Impact Technical Products for many years, and have always been impressed by their commitment to our product line and their integrity and professionalism in front of the customer. They consistently deliver a message that is on point, and our customers know they can trust the team to look after their needs at the technical and the commercial level.

—  R. Carolsfeld
Awesense Inc.

Impact Technical Products has a stellar track record as an agent for leading manufacturers of data network and electrical products for the Commercial, Industrial, Integrator, and Consulting Engineering communities. Clients in these communities benefit from solution-oriented technology that offers low-cost ownership of reliable, best-of-breed products.

As partners and facilitators serving both manufacturers and clients, we develop solutions for large infrastructure companies that require high-quality, customized products and services built to last. These include:

  • network solutions
  • wireless solutions
  • network testing and certification
  • network training and troubleshooting
  • emergency response systems
  • cabling infrastructure
  • intelligent asset management


Solutions are designed to improve and streamline clients’ processes through top-quality products and solutions. We also offer support, training and field application engineering assistance.


Examples of typical clients:

  • Transportation: subways, railways, intelligent roadways
  • Infrastructure: municipalities, water treatment, traffic departments, power generation
  • Heavy industry: steel mills, mining, refineries
  • Municipalities, utilities, schools, hospitals


For examples of how we work, see our success stories.

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