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TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber Optic Cable – One solution for all projects including Big Data, AI and 5G

  • tinifiber hybrid fiber cable closeup showing fibers

    One solution for all projects: for all commercial, industrial, government and residential applications. FFrom A/V, broadband and DAS, to data centres, FTTH, security and transportation.

  • tinifiber indoor fiber cable closeup

    The industry’s smallest Outer Diameter fiber cable, TiniFiber® can be installed using a push installation technique that can really go the distance –from 200 feet to as far as 300 feet.

  • tinifiber outdoor fiber cable closeup

    At 65% smaller and 75% lighter than conventional Aluminum Interlock Armour (AIA), it is easier to install in the most challenging areas. It's compact design and easy installation generate significant time, labour, shipping and warehouse savings.

  • tinifiber outdoor fiber cable closeup

    More efficient and compact, TiniFiber® is a reliable and sustainable fiber optic cable alternative.

  • TiniFiber Cutter-Stripper Tool

    The Original Stainless Steel Armor Stripping Tool and Cable Cutters, and Pelican IM2450 Storm Case