Cabinets & Containment: Server and Network Cabinets


CPI designs, manufacturers and helps customers configure and customize the ideal cabinet platform—the foundation on which your enterprise is built and just as critical as the equipment it stores. Explore these options to determine which solution best suits your needs.

ZetaFrame™ Cabinet System

A total, turnkey solution that integrates with power, cable and thermal management accessories to support next-generation compute.

N-Series TeraFrame Gen 3

The N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet System is a network cabinet engineered for high-density cable and thermal management.

EF-Series EuroFrame™ Gen 2 Cabinet

Availability: Europe
A reliable and economical cabinet solution that supports rack-mount server, storage and network equipment in data centres and enterprise facilities.

GT-Series GlobalFrame® Gen 2 Cabinet

Availability: Asia Pacific
An easy-to-use, computer and network equipment storage cabinet that complies with data centre, computer room and premise network equipment room requirements.

F-Series TeraFrame Gen 3

Optimizes, stores and secures computer, data storage and network equipment in the data centre, computer room or network environment.

GF-Series GlobalFrame Gen 2 Cabinet System

An industry-standard server and network equipment storage solution for data centres, computer rooms and network facilities.

Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet System

Featuring an industry-leading 1500 lb (680 kg) equipment load, the Z4-Series SeismicFrame® can also support an additional 100 lb (45 kg) top load for cabling.