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Telephony and paging systems for production and processing facilities

An educational webinar focused on considerations for telephony and paging systems for noisy environments commonly encountered in production and processing facilities.

Cutting Edge at the Edge

Security, Enclosures, Cellular, Last Mile Communications, and 5 G

A practical webinar focused on real life applications at the edge of the network.

 Technologie sans fil pour étendre les réseaux et la téléphonie dans les environnements hostiles

Un webinaire instructif sur les technologies sans fil pour résoudre les problèmes associés à la création d’un réseau Ethernet et la téléphonie dans des environnements hostiles où le câblage réseau physique n’est pas une option.

Wireless for Extending Networks and Telephony in Harsh Environments

An instructive webinar on wireless technologies to solve the problems associated with building out a network for ethernet and telephony in harsh environments where physical network cabling is not an option.

Technologie multi-fibres MPO/MTP, polarité, progrès et tests

Un webinaire informatif sur la technologie MPO / MTP. Ce webinaire commence par un aperçu des connecteurs MPO / MTP, puis plonge dans la question délicate de la polarité!

MPO/MTP Multi-Fiber Technology, Polarity, Advances and Testing

An informative webinar on MPO/MTP technology. This webinar starts with an overview of the basics for MPO/MTP connectors, then dives into the tricky question of polarity!

Communication in Campus Environments

Education, Healthcare, and Transit

An educational webinar focused on considerations for critical communication systems in campus environments.

Fiber to the X, Power to the X

Extending connectivity to remote mission critical devices in harsh environments

An educational webinar on the transition to fiber optics and extending fiber and power for mission critical devices, discussing the importance of reliable network connections and reliable DC power.

Saving $$ by Managing Airflow in Computer Rooms

An educational webinar on airflow management in computer rooms, discussing the importance of hot air isolation and various containment techniques.

Physically Securing Networked Assets

An educational webinar focused on options for physically securing networks in different environments.

NEMA Enclosure Considerations

Protecting Critical Assets in Harsh or Semi-Harsh Environments

An educational webinar focused on how to protect networked assets when they must be housed in less than ideal environments.

Bringing Networks to the Edge

Communications for Transit, Utilities, Water/Wastewater, and Mining

An educational webinar focused on how to build mission critical OT networks, including how to choose a network topology, build in resiliency with RSTP, time synchronization, redundancy protocols, VLANing, and more.

Security and Emergency Response Tools

Emergency Telephony, Help Points, and Facilitating PoE Devices @ the Edge

An educational webinar focused on who needs to use emergency help points (Education, Hospitals, Mass Transit, Governments etc), what our compliance obligations are, how to choose between VoIP or Analog, technologies to meet AODA compliance (Hearing loops), and extending PoE beyond 90m.

Cyber Security and Security of Mission Critical Networks

An educational webinar on Cyber Security and Security of Mission Critical Networks specifically focus on Operation Technology (OT) networks. Covering concerns in IT/OT, cybersecurity frameworks for OT (OEB Framework, NERC CIP, NIST, etc), cyber appliances like intrusion detection, and physical security to comply with a chosen framework.

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