Pro-talksIn-depthInterview Podcasts

Pro-talksIn-depthInterview Podcasts

in-depth interviews
featuring guests with a diverse range of critical network infrastructure demands and expertise

Are you interested in discussing critical network infrastructure and hearing from the industry leaders driving change?

Join us on this adventure! Each episode contains practical information about innovative critical connectivity solutions.

In each episode we will hear about our guests’ challenges, experiences, and solutions in their pursuit of a communication network that meets their needs. Learn more about the infrastructure needed to support industries such as Broadband, Mining, Municipalities, Utilities, and Transit.

We answer insightful questions
in an IMPACT-full way!

fresh podcasts

Dive in!

  • Building a Rural Broadband Network

    a conversation with Clearwater County


    fiber-broadband rural network

    Featuring Tim Quinn, Broadband Technologist with Clearwater County. Learn the how, the why and the hurdles for these projects.

  • Managing Ottawa’s largest projects

    interview: Ottawa’s largest telecommunication contractor



    In this first episode of IMPACT-full Conversations, we are happy to host Alex Carreau and Martin Brunet of Fleming Communications.

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