Managing Ottawa’s largest projects



interview: Ottawa’s largest telecommunication contractor


Alexandre Carreau

Alex Carreau is an FCi Divisional Team Leader and Technical Specialist who is accountable for overseeing the successful delivery of Telecommunications projects with a team of dedicated technical services representatives.  With customer service always top of mind, Alex ensures lines of communication are open throughout his projects and prioritises on job safety and quality, timely completion and keeping projects within budget.

Martin Brunet

As a dedicated FCi Team Leader and Information Technology Design Estimator Martin Brunet has more than 20 years of industry specific experience that first began with his family’s business, Belnet. Martin has extensive LAN design experience. He is responsible for deploying and managing special projects both locally and nationally. His projects are often a mix of cabling, wireless, and security.

Born and raised bilingual in the nation’s capital. Martin is avid enthusiast of new technology in all forms and has a deep love for just about anything electronic.