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Impact Technical Products has a stellar track record as an agent for leading manufacturers of data network and electrical products for the Commercial, Industrial, Integrator, and Consulting Engineering communities. Clients in these communities benefit from solution-oriented technology that offers low-cost ownership of reliable, best-of-breed products.

As partners and facilitators serving both manufacturers and clients, we develop solutions for large infrastructure companies that require high-quality, customized products and services built to last. These include:

  • network solutions
  • wireless solutions
  • network testing and certification
  • network training and troubleshooting
  • emergency response systems
  • cabling infrastructure
  • intelligent asset management

Solutions are designed to improve and streamline clients’ processes through top-quality products and solutions. We also offer support, training and field application engineering assistance.


Founded in 2004 by owner and entrepreneur Dino Mannarino, the company has grown Canada-wide to serve mission-critical, harsh environments with customs solutions to benefit manufacturers and customers.

The principles of Integrity and Proven Results have guided us to build a sustainable, ethical business adding value to quality products. Our energetic, dynamic and experienced ownership group has surpassed our early vision in ways we could have never imagined. Our customers, factory principals and industry supporters over the years have been the key to the strength of Impact!

Examples of typical clients:

Our clients are long-standing organizations that commit to their facilities and networks for the long-term. Our customers regularly anticipate +25-year design cycles for their networks, committing to staying, expanding and improving their facilities over time. Our customers look for solutions that will stand the test of time, offering reliable, effective true cost of ownership over time.


  • Today’s heavy traffic requires dynamic traffic management to meet the demands of changing traffic patterns (on subways, railways, intelligent roadways), affecting Bluetooth readers, border crossings congestion, anticipated arrival times, variable message signage, emergency response, traffic mitigation for security or construction detours.


  • Critical infrastructure needs to be smart and integrated, and manageable on a single-pane of glass. Municipalities, water, waste treatment facilities, power generation and distribution all need real-time, intelligent networking tools to maximize capacity, security considerations and up-to-the-minute public safety alerts.

Heavy industry

  • Heavy industry runs on automation and information. Human safety, seismic monitoring, enhanced productivity, remote automated guided-vehicles, inventory control, shipping and receiving in steel mills, under-ground in mines, or on off-shore oil and gas facilities or refineries networks play an important role.

Municipalities, utilities, schools, hospitals

  • These “MUSH” markets rely on their networks to deliver services reliably and cost effectively. Collecting meter readings, diverting electric power, re-closing safety breakers, dynamic records management, remote learning, power outage alerts, integrated billing, service response all a sitting on critical networks.

For examples of how we work, see our success stories.

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about the Impact team

Western Canada

Travis Roske, P. Eng
Partner and Regional Sales Manager, Western Canada

Travis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Lakehead University. He started his career in the oil and gas industry executing complex projects in the field, before moving to Calgary to manage the technical relationships with key clients. Travis joined the Impact Technical Products team in the fall of 2020 and has been expanding the business in Alberta by focusing on an increased presence and improved technical support for our clients.

Impact and Travis welcome the challenge to help our clients in Alberta design, test, and solve their network problems in mission-critical and harsh environments.

central canada

Curtis Orth, BSc/BA
Partner and Regional Sales Manager, Central Canada

Curtis earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Bryant University, RI. He spent four years with Impact developing the Ontario market and proving himself an invaluable asset to the Impact team. In January 2023 he became a partner with a mission to oversee the Central Canadian market and support customers in finding solutions for mission-critical networks.

Curtis is based in Ontario and continues to help customers design and test solutions to their network problems.

Alex Piccinin, BA
Technical Sales Representative

Alex graduated Queen’s University majoring in English Language and Literature with a minor in Political Studies. Before joining IMPACT, he honed his craft in sales across various industries (retail & real estate). Driven by the pursuit of strong relationships, Alex looks to establish genuine connections with customers and colleagues alike.

Alex joined IMPACT in 2022 as a technical sales rep for Central Canada, as the demands of the Ontario market continued to grow. Working alongside Curtis, May, Dino and Amelia, Alex was brought in to bolster an already strong Ontario team and generate net new business for IMPACT in this bustling region.

May Zhou
Inside Sales Representative

May has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Beijing University of Aeronautical and Astronautical, and worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over 5 years before coming to Canada.

In 2014, May joined Impact Technical Products Team and has worked in her role as Inside Sales Representative
supporting customers and the team.

Québec and Eastern Ontario

Daniel Malouin, BAA
Technical Sales Representative – Quebec and Eastern Ontario

Daniel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Universite du Quebec en Outaouais with a concentration in entrepreneurship and marketing.

With a passion for technology and lifelong learning, Daniel joined the Impact Technical Products team in 2020 and is now developing his technical knowledge. Daniel is bilingual and has extensive experience in the hospitality industry through business consulting and analysis.

Based in Montreal, he is supporting our customers in the Quebec and Eastern Ontario region.


Dino Mannarino
Founder and Strategic Consultant

Dino Mannarino, founded Impact Technical Products in 2004 with the vision of creating a boutique independent sales agency that would represent best of breed technical product lines in the Canadian market. Impact has grown right across Canada with a team of professionals, all dedicated to building ethical and sustainable, long term relationships with customers.

Looking ahead with optimism and a well defined succession plan, the future of Impact looks bright as the newer generation takes on leadership roles to define the next exciting

Amelia Mannarino, B. Eng
President, Partner

Amelia has a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill and got her start in Aerospace Engineering working on control systems and propulsion modeling. In 2016, Amelia joined the Impact Technical Products Team and focused on helping customers design solutions to their network problems.

Impact represents several best in breed lines focused in high performance applications (i.e. data centres) as well as mission critical and/or harsh environments.