Layer 3 switches and routers

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Designed to meet and exceed IEC 61850-3 protocol requirements, the RUGGEDCOM Layer 3 Multi-Service Platform family of switches and routers offers integrated router, firewall and VPN functionalities.

  • RUGGEDCOM RX1500 family
    • Utility-grade Multi-Service Platform family. The RUGGEDCOM RX1500 family of modular Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers offers WAN, Serial or Ethernet connectivity options, making them ideal for electric power, plant floor, rail and traffic applications.
  • RUGGEDCOM RX1510 family
    • Compact, cost-efficient and utility-grade switches and routers. These modular and field-replaceable multi-service platforms let customers select from WAN, serial and Ethernet options – making them ideal for electric power, industrial, rail, and traffic control applications.
    • Engineered for utility, industrial, and defence network applications. The RUGGEDCOM RX5000 integrated switch and router is a high-port-density Ethernet routing and switching platform designed to operate in harsh environments with up to two 10Gigabit uplinks and 24 Gigabit ports.
  • RUGGEDCOM Edge Routers
    • Compact and cost-saving Edge solution. RUGGEDCOM’s family of industrial Edge routers include the RUGGEDCOM RX1400 and the RUGGEDCOM RM1224, space-saving, small form-factor rugged devices that offer reliable, high-bandwidth WLAN or 4G LTE connectivity over short and long distances for remote networks in harsh environments.