Media Conversion & PoE Extension


Our products allow you take data and power to new distances with a simple, easy to install solution. You are no longer limited to a 100 meter distance for PoE or PoE+ – we can support you out to 5,000 meters (PoE) with just the right hardware and hybrid fiber and copper assemblies.

Fiber Connections Chameleon System offers a unique complement of components that can be combined to meet your exact network needs. From PoE media converters to power supplies to patch panels and hybrid fiber/copper cables, we can provide the perfect solution.

Fiber Connections builds on the success of our patented GatorLink – a configurable, multi-port device that brings fiber, power and media conversion to your remote locations. Whether you need PoE out to security cameras, workstation LANs, wireless access points, VoIP phones or any other peripherals, GatorLink is a compact and easy to install solution.