Private wireless broadband

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RUGGEDCOM WIN subscriber units and base stations for private wide area networks (PWAN) in harsh environments.

Base stations and subscriber units for private wide area networks (PWAN)

Explore our wireless communications solutions for private critical infrastructure in harsh environments – such as those found in the electric power, transportation and aerospace industries.
  • RUGGEDCOM WIN subscriber units
    •  RUGGEDCOM WIN subscriber units enable secure, long-range connectivity by extending IP networks over long distances to fixed and mobile users.
      With wide frequency band support for worldwide deployments, these subscriber units offer excellent performance in non-line-of-sight (NLO) conditions. Supported applications and services include guaranteed data, VoIP, video, and other services based on advanced QoS.
  • RUGGEDCOM WIN base stations
    • For reliable long-range connectivity in harsh environments. Powered by OFDMA radio technology, RUGGEDCOM WIN7000 and WIN7200 base stations weather harsh environments and go the distance with non-line-of-sight (NLOS) operations.
      They ensure robustness as well as high reliability, availability and efficiency by leveraging link adaption algorithms, modulation and coding to continuously adapt to prevailing link conditions.