RUGGEDCOM software portfolio

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The RUGGEDCOM software portfolio offers first-rate solutions for network management, secure remote IED access, data conversion, routing and visualization.



Tap into a proven Secure Access Management System. Tailored to the needs of industrial and utility asset owners, this scalable solution provides secure, compliant access to all your Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and associated files.


SINEC Network Management System (NMS) for industrial networks

The Network Management System for digital enterprise. SINEC NMS is the Network Management System (NMS) scalable for network structures of various sizes, in an increasingly digital world. This system can be used to centrally monitor, manage, and configure industrial networks with tens of thousands of devices around the clock, including security-related areas. SINEC NMS is therefore the first choice for network structures of various sizes, and it’s paving the way for the digital transformation of industry – in all sectors and regardless of network size. Thanks to its scalability, SINEC NMS grows in parallel as the network becomes larger and more complex.

    • Enjoy hassle-free implementation of communication and data access requirements for the substation. This Linux-based family of products consists of a substation communications server, universal DNP gateway, remote interface gateway, and front-end processor.
  • Free version for download: SINEC PNI for efficient device commissioning
    • SINEC PNI makes it quick and easy to commission SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components as well as PROFINET devices in your industrial network. Conveniently configure the basic settings to integrate devices into the network and ensure that all new network devices operate seamlessly in the network.
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