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Analog Hazardous
Analog Hazardous
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Analog Non-Hazardous
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VoIP Hazardous
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VoIP Non-Hazardous
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Telephone Systems
  • guardian-ab1000-acoustic-booth

    Protected from the elements plus enhanced communication in areas with high background noise levels.

  • guardian enclosure

    Designed with the versatility to enhance or replace components or workings.

  • guardian-Page-Talk-Desk-Station

    A vital link, zone to zone.

  • guardian-Distribution Amplifier

    Automatic amplifier switch and distribution amplifier.

  • guardian-loudspeaker

    Guardian Telecom offers a wide selection of Explosion Proof, Hazardous Area, ATEX-IEC and General Area Ringers and loudspeakers to meet the unique demands of Industrial Communication projects.

  • guardian-Analog-Hazardous-telephone ext-401

    Harsh environments, extreme elements, critical infrastructure, and safety-critical and mission-critical applications call for the rugged and reliable solutions of Guardian Telecom.

  • guardian-Outdoor Industrial Weather Resistant analog telephone

    Designed for absolute reliability for maximum uptime.

  • guardian-Analog-Non-Hazardous-telephone

    Engineered from the ground up to work reliably and last.

  • guardian-Analog Non-Hazardous-act-30

    Built rugged, tough, and dependable to last in the harshest industrial conditions in the world.