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Seamlessly integrate Wi-Fi access points into any venue.

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  • Oberon_Accessories

    Add functionality and options to Oberon mounting solutions.

  • Oberon_Model_33-ANT-CVR-C

    Conceal or customize Wi-Fi APs with paintable covers.

  • Oberon_Model_1012-00

    Open-ceiling and right-angle wall mounts.

  • Oberon_Model_1016-00

    Wall and hard-ceiling surface mounts.

  • Oberon_Model_1018

    Panel, suspended, and hard ceiling recess mounts.

  • Oberon_Model_1312-AM1

    Universal Wi-Fi Access Point and Antenna mounting platform for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse environments.

  • Oberon_Model_3030-00-GY

    A wide selection of enclosures and mounting solutions facilitate wireless deployments in almost any outdoor or public venue.

  • Oberon_Model_38-46-CCOAP

    Interchangeable doors for existing enclosure back-boxes.

  • Oberon_Model_1022-00_Brick_Wall_Mount_Assembled_With_Brackets_Bottom

    Outdoor and public venue access point enclosures.

  • Oberon_Model_1028-08-ANT5-B

    Suspended and hard ceiling locking enclosures.