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A Canadian manufacturer of racks, cabinets, wall mount cabinets, networking and colocation cabinets.

  • RF-Mote-Aisle Containment

    Standard and custom designs. Cabinet to ceiling, over aisle ceiling panels and end of row doors.

  • RF-Mote-Cabinet and Rack Accessories

    Various options.

  • RF-Mote-Wall Mount-Adjustable-Fixed Rack

    Cabinet Racks and Brackets, swing-out or fixed, adjustable options and ceiling or wall mount bracket.

  • RFM-black server cabinet

    Find your cabinet or enclosure solution.

  • RFM cabinet wall mount

    Cabinets • Racks • Brackets

  • RF-Mote-Low profile wall mount cabinet

    Pre-Configured Wall Mount Cabinet and Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinet, with the option of an extender.

  • RF-Mote- Cage Wall Systems

    Provide an additional physical layer of security.

  • RF-Mote-Custom Metal Fabrication

    Products crafted from a wide variety of materials and extensive finish options. You strive for the best and you deserve our best.

  • RF-Mote-Locking

    Several cabinet locking solutions. Latching, combination and E-Lock style available.

  • eConnect-pdu

    PDUs. Innovative power solutions with the highest level of efficiency while minimizing management overhead.

  • black rack for cable management

    More processing in the cabinet to meet the need for improved latency, faster processing and power demands. This is the highest level of power distribution and efficiency with minimal overhead. This is the solution.

  • RF-Mote-Thermal Management

    Exhaust fans, ducted and chimney solutions.

  • RF-Mote-work-assembly-bench

    Custom-engineered for myriad applications and facilities. So many choices. Fully welded and powder coated.