gatorlink-poe-with more distance

Security Integrators & Contractors!

Working with PoE (Power over Ethernet) is an inevitability.

Security cameras, access points, help phones – just about everything runs on it.

What happens when the device you are powering is beyond 90 meters from your network switch? Ask 10 different industry pros and you're likely to get 10 different answers. Power injectors, media converters, or even bringing direct power conduit out to the far end!

The one thing these solutions have in common is they add COST and more importantly POINTS OF FAILURE in your network.

GatorLink from Fiber Connections Inc. solves all these issues.

Plus it simplifies any PoE deployments beyond the traditional distance limitation.

GatorLink combines power injection and media conversion in a single powerful unit, and uses hybrid cable to bring PoE up to 2.5 kilometers away!

poe typical set up and with Gatorlink one or four port

Upcoming projects? or just want to assess PoE devices and see if GatorLink may be a good fit?

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