Spot the Fluke Networks tester

See Fluke’s innovative testing solutions

Fluke-Networks logo

Can you spot the Fluke Networks tester in this photo?

SPOILER ALERT: Look closely and focus on a creative use of the tester’s wrist strap!

Fluke’s innovative testing solutions are designed to support every application, wherever your copper and fiber cabling takes you.

Test setup is simple and intuitive, and on-site personnel can complete and save up to 100 separate projects & roughly 12,700 individual cable tests locally on the tester’s built-in memory.

When it’s time to upload the results, there’s no need to travel back to the office! Built in WiFi means that all results can be remotely uploaded to the FREE Linkware PC software, so that the rest of the team can review and send results to clients right from their desk.

If you are just starting your career in cable testing, or you’re looking to add some new equipment to your toolkit, Impact can help find the perfect tools for your unique needs!


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