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Take a Holistic Approach to Simplifying Data Center Operations

Cabinet Ecosystem Overview
  • Busbars

    Use these products to complete your grounding and bonding application.

  • Busbars

    Select from a variety of products to complete your installation.

  • Busbars

    Busbars provide a central point for equipment ground connections, and are made from Hard-Drawn Electrolytic Tough Pitch 110 Alloy solid copper. Insulators and mounting brackets are preassembled, as appropriate. Different sizes and various hole patterns are available to accommodate your installation’s bonding system.

  • Chatsworth-Products-Cabinet-System-Accessories

    To truly make the most of your Chatsworth Products Cabinet System Solution, CPI provides a variety of value-added accessories to complement its functionality and ease of use.

  • CMS-chatsworth-media-assets-catalog-productimages-build-to-spec-bts-kit-series_cabinet

    CPI Aisle Containment Solutions are flexible, feature-rich products for both hot and cold aisle containment that offers superior airflow management, resulting in reduced operating costs.

  • Basic chatsworth-Consolidation Enclosure

    CPI partnered with American Access Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of zone enclosures, to provide telecommunications spaces outside of the traditional telecommunications room. Standards-recognized zone cabling practices create consolidation points to reduce the overall cost of adding or moving network cabling. These products can attach to the wall or be installed above drop ceilings or under access floors.

  • Open Rack for OCP

    Open Racks for OCP seamlessly integrate the latest specifications and requirements of the Open Compute Project with some of CPI's value-added features and services.

  • Chatsworth-Products-Cabinet-System-Accessories

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  • F-Series-TeraFrame

    CPI designs, manufacturers and helps customers configure and customize the ideal cabinet platform—the foundation on which your enterprise is built and just as critical as the equipment it stores. Explore these options to determine which solution best suits your needs.

  • CPI-Telecommunications-Enclosures

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  • CPI-Wall-Mount-Cabinets

    CPI offers a variety of open and enclosed wall-mount products for cables and equipment. Wall-mount systems create accessible locations for equipment where space is limited or does not exist. Store and secure equipment on the wall inside or outside of the data centre or equipment room and connect remote groups of users to the network.

  • wire-cage-enclosures

    Wire Cage Enclosures are a simple, economical way to partition your space and secure your equipment.

  • Wireless-Enclosures

    Wireless enclosures secure access points close to network users. Access points create Wireless LANs that connect wireless network users with radio signals, eliminating the need to connect users with cables. Wireless enclosures protect access points and secure network connections. CPI offers several styles of wall-mount and drop ceiling Wireless Enclosures including several NEMA-rated models that can be used in warehouses, industrial environments and outdoors.

  • Chatsworth-Cable-Runway

    Auxiliary Frame is used to create support structures for cable pathway products and to add bracing to racks and pathway products located in seismic zones.

  • Chatsworth-Cable-Runway

    Support backbone and horizontal cables between the point of entry and exit into the telecommunications or equipment rooms and cross-connects on racks or cabinets with CPI Cable Runway Products. A wide selection of supports, splices and accessories are available.

  • Chatsworth-Cable-Runway

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  • Chatsworth-Wire-Mesh-Cable-Tray

    Wire Mesh Cable Tray Products provide point-to-point pathways for network cabling in data centers, network equipment rooms and office spaces.

  • Chatsworth-Industrial-Enclosure-Accessories