Fiber Connections

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  • fiber-connections-Cable-Assemblies

    Custom and Standard Cable Assemblies.

  • Fiber-Connections-Reel-Cleaner

    The Optipop and IBC dry cloth cleaning systems, are the most advanced fiber tip cleaning products available today. The unique, densely woven micro-fiber cloth provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips like with other cleaning tools.

  • Original-Gator-Patch

    Original Gator Patch and Industrial Gator Patch

  • Fiber-Connections-Chameleon-System

    Our products allow you take data and power to new distances with a simple, easy to install solution. You are no longer limited to a 100 meter distance for PoE or PoE+ – we can support you out to 5,000 meters (PoE) with just the right hardware and hybrid fiber and copper assemblies.